Monday, August 29, 2011


From Tim:
I don't get all the people thanking Metro over its performance during the "disasters" in the past week. I pay them nearly $10 a day (plus my tax money), and I feel that's thanks enough for the service they provide. For the record, when I see a Metro worker performing above and beyond, I go out of my way to thank them.

The earthquake was nothing, and the hurricane was, pardon my pun, overblown." Metro did what they should have done, and we shouldn't have to be surprised by it.
From James:
I really think Metro has stepped up its game in the past week. Service was relatively unscathed, and the communication was great. Hats off to a newly unsucked Metro.
Through a relatively minor earthquake and over-hyped hurricane, the Metro hate was pretty minimal.

Not sure if that's because people opted not to take Metro at all, or if Metro stepped up their game.

Did Metro dodge a couple bullets and then make PR hay? Did Metro perform at praiseworthy levels? Did Metro provide the basic level of service we should have been expecting all along?

Curious to know what you think.
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