Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Post-Quake Open Thread

Via @lampertj First time seeing this service advisory in my 4 years using metro. #wmata. @unsuckdcmetro

Via @quinny141 @unsuckdcmetro metro bus going the wrong way on Connecticut, don't see how you can chalk this up to the #dcquake pic.twitter.com/H0tYE95

Via @biancayg: Foggy bottom towards franconia springfield @unsuckdcmetro yfrog.com/kg8gujpj

Via @TheHornGuy Earthquake damage at Dunn Loring Metro. #earthquake #wmata yfrog.com/klur0enj

Via the Metro website.

How was your commute home after the quake?

The reviews were mixed on Twitter.

For what it's worth, I pulled the plug early on work and DC and hopped on the Metro back to Va. It was slow, but there were no problems, and the crowding was similar to rush hour.

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