Monday, April 18, 2011

"Like Cattle"


Addition: this post sheds some light on the doors closing issue.

From Stephen who says he reported this incident to Metro:
On April 13, at Wheaton, we boarded, and then the doors closed on someone's bag behind him. It was caught, and he was struggling to pull the bag in but couldn't.

Instead of doing something about it, the operator made an announcement that the person who was holding the door open was delaying people.

This is not the first time I've seen a driver refuse to release a bag, so I got on the intercom and told her that SHE was holding things up by not releasing the doors.

We got into an argument that ended with her threatening to call the police.

A few weeks ago, I complained that a Metro train door had snatched a woman's purse away from her and taken it away, leaving her on the platform.

Last December, Metro doors closed and separated a woman from a child in a stroller.

In 1999, Metro separated a woman from a very small child. The child panicked, tried to go in the direction of his mother, and WAS KILLED!

No doubt, Metro would blame it on the child's poor judgment.

It's the same attitude they exhibited a couple of years ago, when a Metrobus hit and killed two women crossing the street in a crosswalk, on the walk signal.

Metro's response was to install blinking lights on the fronts of their buses and add a talking alert to warn people that they're coming through!

Metro's solution is to blame the passengers.

How many people does Metro have to kill before it shapes up, does things right and stops treating us like cattle?
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