Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yet Another Perv


If you've been a victim of this guy, contact Investigator Lang at rlang[at]

From Jess:
I wanted to alert everyone to another sleazy guy on the Metro. I have contacted Investigator Lang from having read the other grope articles, and below is what I wrote:

I want to report an issue on the Orange line.

I got on at Court House at around 5:30 p.m. The train was already packed.

As the doors were closing, a man forced his way in behind me.

Within seconds, he was pushing himself up against my back with his very obvious erection pressing into my hip.

The more I tried to lean or move away from him, the more he pressed himself against me.

As soon as the train arrived at Clarendon, I moved away from him, but he followed me.

The train was still incredibly packed, so I didn't have a lot of room to move.

I was able to block myself with my purse, and at the Virginia Square stop, I told him to stay the f*** away from me. I said it loud enough for others around me to hear.

Then, I jumped off the train and onto another car.

I think he got off at Ballston.

He was tall, around 6' with tan skin. He could be Middle Eastern, Greek, Italian, or Spanish.

He was wearing a track suit--maybe green and black--and a chain (not sure if it was gold or silver).

His face was scruffy and looked as though he needed to shave.

He had dark short hair, a little wavy with a bit of gray.

He had dark eyes and a longish face.

He kind of reminded me of John Turturro, the actor, think Mr. Deeds.

I'm not sure if this description has been reported before.
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