Friday, April 24, 2009

Another View from Abroad

From “Daisuke O.”
I read the post of Jaroslav Petrik and wanted to give another view as a foreigner. When I first rode the Washington, DC, Metro in 2003, I was amazed by how good it looks. In Japan, where I am from, the subways are not designed with any kind of artistic effort.
When I moved to Washington, for work in 2007, I wanted to live near a Metro stop, but when I started to be a regular rider, my view on Metro began to change. The beauty of the subway is only skin deep because underneath, it doesn’t work well. I have been a commuter in Tokyo and Osaka and never had a delay. Never. These subways are busier and more used than yours here in Washington.
We did have the Sarin attack in 1995, and one time a monkey was running in the system.
As a foreigner here, I don’t understand about the politics of Metro, but to me it doesn’t seem to have the priority for money. Technology seems so old on Metro.
So many things in this country are deteriorating from the inside and no one seems to care.

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Jason S said...

Having been to Japan several times, honestly I don't know how a person could ride the train in Tokyo, then take the Metro. Certainly they are more crowded in Tokyo (other than the Osaka loop to Kyoto, I never rode in Osaka), but they are almost always on time. If they are late, it is for a really strong reason.

To me, it seemed to be the difference that they understand how important the subway is to the city's residents and economy, which is how they seem to feel in NYC to some degree as well. But in DC, the apathy is overwhelming, Metro employees just don't seem to care and if they don't do their job well and still have it, why even bother trying?

Anonymous said...

it's because the people who work for metro are all lazy uneducated bums. they see their lives sucking so they must make others as well.

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