Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obligatory Swine Flu Post

Every other media outlet is riding the swine flu gravy train, so why can't we?

OK, so if you're worried about swine flu and practicing "social distancing," you probably still have to go to work. And while a subway can be a regular petri dish of germs, rest assured that Metro's on the counter attack.

"Each flu season, Metro uses the special hospital-grade disinfectant to protect riders and employees from contracting flu viruses. Though the traditional seasonal flu season has ended, Metro is continuing to use the hospital-grade disinfectant because of the recent outbreak in swine flu cases."

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Anonymous said...

Really, what else can they do though?

Anonymous said...

How often is the disinfectant being applied?

Anonymous said...

"The disinfectant is used to clean and disinfect “touch-surfaces” in the Metrorail and Metrobus systems. Metrobuses are spot-cleaned with the disinfectant every 14 days and will undergo more frequent cleaning if necessary. Metrorail trains and station equipment are disinfected daily."

Sam said...

Is it possible that this Swine Flu outbreak could become something serious ? Yes, but that sure doesn’t seem likely very now and the story clearly doesn’t deserve the level of panic it’s getting. Metrorail trains and station equipment are disinfected daily.

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