Monday, April 27, 2009

Metro May Run a Surplus?

This is the kind of thing that drives us crazy about WMATA. First, the idea of major cuts is floated. The thinking there must have been to make these bus cuts go down a little easier. Oh, and we can't forget that WMATA contemplated using stimulus money to cover the budget gap.
Now, the DC Examiner is reporting that Metro might run a $9 million SURPLUS due to increased ridership.
WMATA, we realize your situation is not enviable as the ugly stepchild of MD, DC and VA who can’t seem to get their acts straight either and like to jerk your chain, but cutting service and reporting a budget surplus doesn't jive in riders' minds, and it makes you look bad.
Perhaps a little better estimating on potential revenues might be a step in the right direction. For “Metro TV” the potential ad revenue was projected at “between "$16 to $178 million.” For the high tech projecting ads at Farragut West, between “$84,000 to $168,000.”
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