Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Fun One On the Orange Line Today

We were spared, but here are some dispatches from the front lines.

@LNJames http://twitpic.com/46iii - Orange line delays: Can you spot the guy reading the bible?

@welovedc Between the delays on the orange line and the delays on the red line, it's possible you're better off walking home. #metrofail

@punkwalrus Great, Orange Line borked

@emilytbever Leaving work late+delays on Orange Line+summer in the city=painbox (my new fav word)

@CLMojo Orange line to vienna during rush hour... Horrifying.

@kdotmurphy F*ck you, wmata orange line. Your offloading is costing me my interview. Angry letter tk.

@commanist Hey, WMATA, gotta congratulate you on making the call to offload the broken train in front of mine THIRTY F*CKING MINUTES after it broke!

OK Red line, this one seems to sum it up.

@chadmcneeley The Red Line was as bad as I've ever seen it. Four cars (and one out of service) passed before I could get on at Metro Center

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