Monday, April 27, 2009

Reserved Parking: Come and Get It

A reader asked why they'd seen a reduction in the number of reserved parking spots at the Greenbelt station. This seemed odd to us since we thought surely reserved parking at Metro would be a hot commodity for the many who need to drive to a station, so we did a little digging.
Surprisingly there are only five Metro stations with a waiting list for reserved parking. Those are, according to Metro, Rhode Island Ave, East Falls Church, Largo Town Center, Glenmont and Van Dorn Street.
Metro sets aside a maximum of 15 percent of its parking spaces as reserved spots. If they don't get 15 percent worth of applications for reserved parking, those spaces become unreserved.
According to a Metro spokesperson, “we have a couple of stations that have less than 10 permits sold.”
The spokesperson continued “If your reader noticed a decrease in the spaces at Greenbelt, it is because there was a reduction in permits sold. If they need a space and pay for it, unless the station reaches its max, they would get it.”
Reserved parking costs $55 per month plus the daily parking fee, and if you don't claim your spot by 10 a.m, it reverts to an unreserved spot. For more information about reserved parking, click here.
Metro operates approximately 60,000 parking spaces at 42 stations

Photo: mindgutter
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