Monday, April 20, 2009

@wmata Til the Twitter End?

WMATA gave an unconvincing argument to the DCist post about the use of the @wmata account on Twitter. It was basically that they could have an impostor's account removed if they started acting up. Our response: 1) So you'd wait until someone caused trouble to have them removed? 2) You don't want the @wmata name to begin with?
Huh? OK then.
That said, Metro should be applauded for at least giving it a try. They just need to fine tune it.
Metro should take over @wmata, shut @metroopensdoors because it stinks and be sure any would be Twitterererer who could be construed as WMATA make it be known they're not the real deal.
Like DC, in NYC, there are "impostor" Twitter accounts for MTA, including @nyc_mta and @mta_nyc. Both appear to do the same as @wmata in that they merely repeat official information from MTA. However, when you click on their Twitter profiles, they both clearly say they're "unofficial," and @wmata does not.

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