Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not Looking Good Out There

We haven't left on our commute yet, but if the amount of Twittering Metro is doing is any indication, it's a rough ride out there, much of it not Metro's doing. Seven tweets from the Orange Line alone this morning!

So far there's been a sick passenger on the Orange Line, a suspicious package at Farragut West, a power outage at Takoma, an "incident" at Twinbrook and one mechanical failure on the Orange Line at Smithsonian. They all appear to have been cleared, but it takes a while for the system to get back its normal level of suck.

Here are the latest tweets from people out on the front:

Not looking to be a good day for #wmata, train-wise.

Yep. WMATA's "suspicious package" at F West has turned half of the block into a no-go area.

typical delays on the Orange Line due to a sick customer.

If you live in the DC metro area and have the choice, drive to work today. The Metro is jammed up. #metrosucks

This just in from the Orange Line "on time, no problems"

Maybe we should work from home today.

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