Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Three Stooges

Or the gang who couldn't shoot straight. It's simply dumbfounding that DC, MD and VA can't get on the same page to provide funding for Metro that would likely lock in, finally, Federal support--$1.5 billion over ten years--for the ailing, dare we say sucky, transit system.

The Washington Post is reporting today that while MD and VA have passed bills to do their part, DC's "version is at odds with the two states' legislation in that it requires the federal government to actually provide the funding, not just an authorization or promise of funds, in order for federal members to be seated on the Metro board."

If this is any indication, one could understand DC's view here, but come on. All jurisdictions here on basically on board. Pull yourselves together and get it done. Riders are suffering.

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The window of opportunity here is closing real fast. DC should do whatever it needs to to match Va and Md. Even if dc is right there, the states aren't going to change their position. please, dc, do what is right.

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